Monday, October 24, 2011

Council Meeting 25th October 2011

Car Boot Sale - Has to be later in the term and JBT to contact Mr G for growing plants

Spud in a bucket - Kids to supply own bucket but date not notified

Bake Day - One Friday afternoon kids can bring along baking and sell it.

A big Thanks to Abbey & Katelyn for our wonderful disco

End of year item:  Liam and 3 more people to organize this

Onions on Sausages : Ryan to ask about this

Look after an egg - Regan and Liam to look into a week for this and it could tie in with our values

Radio - Mrs MB and Andrew to call them

Garage Sale - Regan, Andrew, Jeannie and Liam to be at school at 8.15am on Saturday.

Closed 1.35pm

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Council Meeting 5th October 2011

Meeting out in the sun today on the deck.
Garage Sale - There will be a skip at school over the holidays - anything worth selling we can sell in a garage sale.  MMB to collect thing in the holidays- perhaps the first weekend back? 

Bake Day - Jeannie in charge of this, whoops - pamphlet fell through the cracks on the deck!  Will see if Mr Graham can find it for us!

Milkshakes - Raised $8 last week

Katelyn and Natasha went with Mrs MB to drop off all the donations to the SPCA raised by Pet Day.  katelyn was thanked in assembly on the day - and another big thanks for all the prizes she was able to organise.
Room 5 had suggestions of adding an obstacle course for pets next year.

Disco - council to stay to 3.30pm tomorrow to set up disco

The flag looks awesome and thanks to the PTA

Andrew to be reporter this week

Milkshakes - Jeannie next time then Regan

Closed 1.28pm