Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meeting - 25th November 1pm

Present: Shaniia, Mikayla, Zayleah, Jordan, Aaron and Ms. D.

Zayleah has written letter to Blind Foundation and will print tonight and bring into school tomorrow.

Jordan has written to the PTA and we will put this in their mail tray today.

Aaron has not logged onto the SunRice competition - we hope it doesn't expire!

Ms D will order 500 glow sticks at $50 from 'Deal A Day' online. These will be sold at the council discos next year.

Marketing idea - why would you like to be on the council next year? A Year 6 to present this at the Gala Evening.

Gala Item practise.

Meeting closed @ 1.35pm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meeting - 19th November 2009

Present: Aaron, Shaniia, Jordan, Zayleah, Jacob and Ms D.

$50 raised for Blind Foundation - Zayleah to write a letter and then post donation.

McDonalds receipts - letter from PTA - yes, Council will take this over - Jordan to write back to the PTA and ask for the details from Kelli.

Canteen - Jacob reported that the canteen is going well. We will run it down for the end of year.

Jump Jam - has started - is a bit 'hit and miss' - how will it be improved? Jordan to go around and remind the classes that its on.

Judging of the Mercury Energy Stars to send away:

Y4-6 Winners:
1st = Abbey Pearson
2nd = Jeannie Corona
3rd = Brenna Cayford

Y0-3 Winners:
1st = Grace Bell
2nd = Kerrianne Roulston
3rd = Rebecca Pearson

Well Done to those people!!

Pixie Town Poster Competition - Aaron to go around and advertise.

SunRice - Aaron to log onto website and let us know the final details.

Item for the concert - begin on this at the next meeting.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meeting - 12th November 2009

There is a lot to tell you about when Ms D gets back to school and puts the minutes on live.