Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Council meeting september 21st

Today's meeting all About doing your things MMB says that she will not put our notices in the newsletter if we haven't started to put our plan together first.  At the moment everyone is having ideas but leaving it til the last minute to get things organised.
Milkshake Monday raised $6.00 Andrew to make milkshakes on monday and Friday Set up room one and make mshake on wednesday and tidy up is jaidyn Radio date is from the 27th of November week. Closed 1.25pm

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Council Meeting 14th September 2011

Katelyn away

Thank You Andrew For your delicious Milkshakes.

Pet Day - Katelyn and Jeannie to write out Statement for Newsletter

Otago Access Radio - Andrew to check for a week in Term 4

Singstar Comp - Ryan & Regan to put up a note in the Foyer

Doodle4Google - Abbey to remind Classes about this

Talent Quest - Ryan & Regan to get banner up in foyer by Friday

Fair Go Ad Awards - We have not decided to do it this year since we do not have time to do it by the 30th of September

Cupcake Day - Liam to let Marie know to give a $58 Cheque to the SPCA

Milkshake Mondays and Froffy Fridays - Andrew In charge of this and Ryan to collect Money and write a M on peoples Hand on the morning.

Andrew to set RM 1 up each Wed and make MoonShakes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Council Meeting Sep 7th

Ad awards - Liam to bring script sometime this week
Flags - MMB asked Bob which best logo to give to flag people
Cupcake Day - Went well, Well Done!!!!!
Talent Quest - Ryan and Regan in charge with this.
Singstar Comp - Ryan to bring PS2 and Regan will Bring CDS and two set a date
Pet Day - Katelyn to give MMB a notice by Monday

Closed 1.23 PM