Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Council Meeting - 29 June 2011

Liam Sick.

Abbey Late.

Ryan's caramel slice - thank you!

General information from SPCA including magazine. Andrew gave Liam a date. If Liam reads this before next week and has found out some more information he can continue on Cupcake Day, etc. Otherwise Katelyn would like to do them.
Date (we think) is Monday 29 August.

Andrew is going to write the letter to the PTA for their half of the Water Fountain Money.
And Ms. D is going to give Andrew the details to ring Briah's Grandad re. the fountain.

Well done to the boys on the disco - good night had by all.

Ryan is going to decide on a charity for the vice/versa day.

Ryan has made a sign with the boxes and loaded it onto the website today for the Colgate competition.

Heart Foundation Competition - Jeannie is going to look into this.

Maori Language Week - Jeannie is going to give us her ideas on Friday.

Canteen Bandana Promotion - 23 Sept-9 Oct - Regan to take this on.

Jaidyn is going to get onto the FB 'Paper for Trees' competition and load a photo to try and win us a $100 voucher.

Liam to talk about his recycling container at Friday's assembly.

Abbey on afternoon tea for next week.

Flags - need local people to quote.

Abbey and Regan will fix up the display boards in foyer - thank you.

Went over the Blog competition criteria - Room 5 ahead.

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting - Wednesday 15 June

Everyone present.

Ryan on afternoon tea for next week.

Disco - the boys have organised the food and drink with Marie. Going to sort the float with Marie over the next week. Regan will buy the prizes and bring the receipt to Ms. D to be reimbursed.

Abbey will get the DVD ready to watch in Assembly for the Red Socks - 5 mins - Andrew to assist.

Jeanne and Abbey are continuing to go to classes each day, collecting the money for the socks.

Canteen - going well - only for 5 mins though Katelyn.
Katelyn is going well with the Hot Chocolate orders too - very organised, well done!

Ryan - Colgate competition - will do a photo. Ryan's Mum is putting all of the bar codes into the system.

Andrew - flags - will email for prices - we all decided we like the teardrops.

Cupcakes - Liam will email/google to find out when SPCA is doing this again.

Fred Hollows - Abbey wants to collect prizes off Ms. D. Will put something in tomorrow's newsletter.

Katelyn has emailed Ms. D regarding the Hot Chocolates for the newsletter.

Mornington Messenger completed - thanks Jeannie.

Jeannie to get some help - perhaps from Mrs. M-B on Maori Language Week ideas.

Jaidyn and Jeannie want to do the photo of the hens for the Art Department ad. They will respond to council's email.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meeting - Friday 3 June

Everyone present and Ms. D even remembered the biscuits!

Abbey and Jeannie have followed up with the 'red socks' campaign. Their order has been delayed and should be here by the end of next week.

Jaidyn and Regan have put up posters re. the disco and are working on a banner. Looking good guys.
Need to see Marie about 80 drinks and bags of chips.
Ms. D to help them with glow sticks.

Abbey is going to advertise the Fred Hollows activities in the newsletter.

Liam is going to put the recycling out each Tuesday when he arrives at the Burrow in the morning.

Tuesday 5 July - Cross Gender Day - Ryan organising.

Andrew is going to email Ms. D regarding the flags - he likes the feather one.

Katelyn - well done, the canteen is going well. Needs more stock. Will see Marie.