Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meeting - 31 March 2010

Briarna brought afternoon tea - thank you.
Jason-Mark to bring afternoon tea to the next meeting.

Sam - the Feat Activity - the World Cup 2010 being held in South Africa!
You have to enter your school.
One child's name will win a football game in Sth Africa.
Still unsure of what/how/who.
Aaron thinks you have to wear pedometers. How fast your class walks?
Ms. D to look into entering.

Clean, Green, Clean Up Event/Day - Samara.

Movie - Aaron has a basic script - next step to write full script.

Briarna - Canteen - lists all ready. Need to put in the newsletter. 12.30-12.35 open. Briarna needs to get money and float, etc from Marie and advertise that the canteen is opening next term!

'Good Blokes Day' - Ideas for this: wiki or page on website to do with this event - bbq, arm wrestles, sack races, eat a banana without hands, fear factor (eat a dry weetbix), guess the food with the blind fold on, 3 legged races.

Teacher's Dare - what are the options for teachers? What will you the Council be prepared to do for $$$??

Chicken Day - chook lady invited, tell her how ours are.......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting - 24 March 2010

Apologies - Jeannie (sick).

Sam brought afternoon tea - thank you - some healthy fruit - yum scrum!
Briarna to bring afternoon tea next week.

Jason-Mark and Sam still to good copies of letters to the BNZ - tomorrow please!!

Sam going to give Ms. D step by step instructions for the 'Feat' activity.

Briarna - canteen - good prices. All set to go for Term 2.

Council all in favour of asking non Council members who have shown an interest in the council to help with different activities.
BK will ask Storm to help with canteen.

Samara - $55 raised for puppy dog appeal from our 'crazy' day - Samara will write a letter and get a cheque from Marie.

Ideas for next term:
Canteen starting - Briarna and Storm
Disco - Sam, Zayleah and Samara
Parent Day/Grandparent Day - Aaron, Katelyn and Jason-Mark
Dare day for teachers - Briarna and Samara
School made movie - Aaron

Check up of the buddies - Samara will do this tomorrow to make sure that each Year 3 member has a buddy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meeting - 17 March 2010

Aaron brought the afternoon tea - thank you.
Sam to bring afternoon tea next week.

Sam and Jason-Mark to edit their letters to the BNZ.
Aaron emailed his letter to Ms. D - great!

Samara is registering us for the 19th March, our Puppy Appeal Event.
Crazy Day!
Let everyone know tomorrow about Crazy Day this Friday!!!
Gold coin donation to the Puppy Dog Appeal.

Jeannie - article went to the STAR - great!

Sam and Jeannie to get back to Ms. D tomorrow re. Feat Activity.

Disco this term - might not work with swimming and the end of the term so close.

Samara found a site that custom make t-shirts.
Samara will find out the website and email me.

Katelyn and Jeannie go around the classes tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meeting - 10 March 2010

Afternoon Tea supplied by Katelyn - thank you.

Aaron will bring afternoon tea next week.

Briarna - ideas about the canteen.
Good ideas - BK to bring prices to Ms. D over the next couple of days.

BNZ Closed for Good Day - Thank you letters - Sam and Jason-Mark.

Children's Day - thanking church for the opportunity - Aaron.

Samara's photo is missing from notice board - Miss. Little is aware of this and is putting this up.

Nitbusters Idea
Aaron thinks its a good idea
Samara - thinks it is a good idea - because if left they spread and the situation gets worse
Jeannie - thinks it's good - won't spread - Mums and Dads will have more time to spend on important things
Jason-mark - good idea because if someone is itching
Sam - we need to have a vote with the classrooms. Personally thinks it's a good idea.
Briarna - would feel a bit embarrassed if I had nits but not if I had eggs
Zayleah - good idea need to go around classrooms.
Katelyn - don't mind them checking but would rather my Mum did the treatement.
Aaron also suggested a robi comb.

Levels of Behaviour
Jeannie - great idea - as long as people are honest
Katelyn - you get to choose your own std of behaviour

Blind Dog Appeal - Friday 19th - Crazy Day - you choose, crazy hair, crazy costume - crazy everything! The council are asking for a gold coin donation for the Red Puppy Appeal.

Assembly this week - Jason-Mark.

Jeannie to finish her article for the STAR ready for tomorrow. Thank you.

Disco will discuss this next week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meeting - 3 March 2010

Thank you to Jeannie for the afternoon tea. Katelyn to bring it next week!

Samara to phone the bell 3 short rings at 1pm each week to remind us all.

Aaron hasn't arrived at the meeting.

Agreement Ideas:
Punctual - turn up to meetings on time.
Be role-models with our behaviour.
Reliable - complete things on behalf of the group when asked
Treat each other with respect.
Have good manners.
Respect each others opinions and ideas.
Give things a go - try out new ideas.
Encourage people.
Give things your best!

Ms. D will write this up into an agreement and councillors will sign next week.

Zayleah to go around with the survey for Walk to School Day after lunch.

Samara and Briarna to do prizes with Ms. D at assembly this Friday for Walk to School Week.

Ms. D to look into the Eveready Power to Learn competition and register.

Aaron arrived late - he was setting up a projector for Miss. Little.

Children's Day - Sunday Stall
Jar of lollies - guess how many?
Lucky Dip

11.30 Katelyn, Zayleah and Jason-Mark
12.30 Jeannie and Aaron
1.30 Briarna and Sam

Draw to decide on 2 people to go to the $2 shop with Marie tomorrow.
Samara Mackie and Katelyn Dey to go shopping!

Things to discuss for this year:
Disco - this term - talk about this at the next meeting.
Pet Day
Spotty Theme Day
Parent Day
Year 6 Volunteer Day
Game Day
Olden Day Day
Walks - Mt. Cargill/Bethunes Gully/Pineapple Track
Movie Night - Younger children in Foyer/ Older children in Room1
Make our own movies
Performance Day
Sleep at School Night
Principal for a Day
Swap the Principal for the Day
Swap the Teachers for a Day
Teacher Challenge
Jar Day - Teacher Challenge
Drawing Competitions
Food eating competitions
Shared Lunches
Lollie scrambles

Briarna K is on the canteen - will decide on her list.

End of meeting 1.33pm.