Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meeting - Wednesday 16 June

Katelyn brought afternoon tea - thank you.

Jason-Mark on afternoon tea next week.

SPCA idea - in Ms. D's tray - will bring to next meeting.

Sam to keep telling people about the McCain's promotion.

BK has written letter and needs to bring it and get cheque from Marie.

Jeannie and Sam are working on decorations for disco.

Zayleah has organised chips and glow sticks.

Marie is buying the fizzyy.

Zayleah will do posters for prices.

BK has organised spot prizes and will let Ms. D know how much these cost.

Grandparents Day will be discussed at the first meeting back for Term 3.

Next meeting is on 'Disco' organisation only.

No meeting for the last week of school this term.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Meeting - 9 June 2010

Everyone present.

Briarna brought along afternoon tea, thank you.
Katelyn's turn next week.

Briarna - $78 raised for Starship - B to write letter and organise cheque from Marie.

Sam has signed up for the McCain promotion - needs to keep advertising it.

Samara has entered our 'Clean Up' Day - 5 November.

Jeannie has a good idea for the Fred Hollows promotion - egg and spoon race with the glasses on - 50c a turn and you can have as many turns as you like - prizes - held one lunchtime next term.

Disco - Briarna/Aaron and Sam. Jason-Mark to organise music and ask Mr. MacLeod to help.
Zayleah to buy fizzy, chips and glowsticks.
On the night - Aaron and Katelyn will be on selling.
Spot prizes - Briarna.
Michael Jackson theme - or anything sparkly. Prizes for best MJ costume, moves, etc.
Jeannie/Sam - decorating.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meeting - 3 June 2010

Ms D had a bit of 'rant' about effort levels from some. A Chairperson from time-to-time may need to get their committee motivated - step up, or step off!

Fred Hollows - haven't heard from Sam yet, Jeannie will email Ms. D.

Briarna needs to find out the full amount of money raised from Make A Wish - Dress Up Day - organise cheque and write a letter to include with money.
Canteen is going well - so far we had a $50 profit.
BK has also got the challenge jars sorted out.

Aaron is going to make a decision re. the Water Fountain - Ms. D to give him the info.

Katelyn is going to push the Red Sock Day.
Zayleah is working hard on the Greatest Feet - needs to ensure that posters are up and people are getting updates.
Samara has registered the Clean Up/Green Up Day - needs some help from Ms. D today.

Jeannie - is on track with her writing for the MM and Star now.

Sam - School Veggie Patches Campaign - Sam will register us tonight and tell the school in assembly what to collect.

Grandparents Day - this is still in the pipeline.

Disco - we need to be getting onto this.

Zayleah brought Afternoon Tea, thank you.
BK on this next week.