Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meeting - Wednesday 6 April

Katelyn sick - everyone else present.

Regan has written a note re. Crazy Hair Day. Due to swimming we will have it week one of next term.

Fred Hollows - Abbey has some good ideas about this. Write your name, shoot a hoop, shapes in the ball (baby game).

Colgate Promotion - Ryan thinks this is worthwhile. Will register us online and will give Ms. D something for the newsletter for tomorrow.

Canteen - Katelyn sick.

Reporter - Jeannie is happy to continue in this role, this year.

Disco - need to think about a theme for next term.

Council email - Andrew to forward Mornington Messenger mail onto Ms. D.

Hitachi Song - Andrew has passed this onto Mrs. M-B and will check in with her regarding the teaching of the song.

Recycling System - Liam to have a think about this and chat with class to explore options. To bring info. back to next meeting.

Ms. D to ask Miss Little about council photos for website.

Meetings will be Wednesday lunchtimes @ 12.30 - bringing lunch to the Library.