Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 - School Council Applications

I know that many of you have been looking at this site and awaiting news of council selection for the year - well here it is!!

I would be thrilled if as many of you as possible want to apply and I am always available to help you with your application - don't feel that you can't apply because you don't have any ideas or perhaps you don't have a computer at home as I can help you with all of that!

If you are in Year 5 or Year 6 then please feel free to apply. I know that Mrs. M-B has been talking about a mini-inquiry of whether or not the council should be limited to just Year 5 and 6 students. The door to this idea is not closed but I think it's time to get the ball rolling.

Being on the School Council means that you have your 'say' in your school and the things that happen in it.
It also means that you are an identifiable 'role model' who is interested in leadership activities.
Perhaps you have a particular 'area of interest' within the school e.g mentoring juniors; writing our pieces for the newspaper; running the school canteen; organising events such as discos/family days/pet days, being responsible for 'healthy' choices within the school, etc. If you do have a particular interest in any of these areas then do say why you would like to this particular role in your application.

You can use whatever format you like to present your application e.g. powerpoint, video, movie, poster, speech, paper copy or anything else you would like.
You must say why you would be a good 'council' member. What your strengths and abilities are and how these will benefit our school and also if you have any new ideas to bring to the council/school.
If you would like any help with this or more information then come and see me, or email me please: principal@bradford.school.nz

ALL applications will be presented by yourself at a school assembly.

Applications need to be in NO LATER than Friday 25 February. Please note that late entries will not be accepted.

Following the closing date I will post more information on the blog.

Thank you and good luck!