Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting - 28 July 2010

Apology from Samara - Balmacewen Afternoon.

Fred Hollows - Tuesday 10 August - piece written for newsletter. Advertise Fred Hollows at assembly.

McCain Vegies - Sam and I have posted away 4 barcodes. Sam has written piece for the newsletter. Will advertise in assembly.

Make A Wish and Poppy Appeal - to present feedback letters at Assembly.

Caretaker's Award - Aaron.

Jason-Mark to see Miss Little for the date and then to contact Mayor Peter Chin for reading at Book Week.

Daffodil Day - check the email to see if they have replied to Zayleah.

Money to spend - what would you do with it? Zayleah and Briarna to ask each class.
Council Ideas: Hand dryers are not powerful enough; locks on the toilet doors; mirrors on the corner of the buildings so that you don't run into someone; small class pets; a quieter bell in the library; widening of the pathway up to the top field; lunch tables; flying fox for playground; girls hot water taps don't really work well, dinosaur slide; swings; speaker system in the classrooms.

Briarna and Aaron to bring plan for Grandparent day.

Cupcakes - Ms D to check in with Samara.

Afternoon Tea next week = Ms.D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Term Three - 22 July 2010

Welcome - everyone present

Jeannie is on kai next week.

Fred Hollows - Lunchtimes 'Egg and Spoon Race' - 50 cents. Newsletter piece - Jeannie to write and organise.

McCain Vegie Promotion - Newsletter - Sam to email something and everyone to get behind advertising - shouting it out at assembly.

Grandparents Day - Briarna and Aaron better make a plan!

SPCA Cupcake Day - posters to go up and everyone to make them.

Daffodil Day (Cancer Society) - Zayleah to register us for a box.

Walking to School Idea to discuss at next meeting.

Council Item for the Gala Night - Briarna, Sam and Jason-Mark will start writing it.