Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meeting - Wednesday 8 September

Everyone present.

BK forgot the afternoon tea, will bring it next week.

Fair Go Ad - Aaron shared his idea, the council agreed it is a good idea but Aaron will need to organise it and we can assist with the filming.

Hot Chocolate Selling for this Friday - Katelyn checked with Marie and we have all of the things we need.
Will be selling them at morning tea and lunchtime - Ms D to assist.

Disco - BK on music, Sam and Samara to see Marie re. food and drink and a float of change on the night.
Decorations - streamers. Glo sticks?

Pet Day - Set a date - 9-10am on Wednesday 24 November.

Clean Up - Friday 5 November

Relatives Afternoon - Friday 15 October

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meeting - Wednesday 1 September

J-M forgot Afternoon Tea
J-M and Katelyn unable to attend the meeting.

Well done to Samara for her efforts with organising the cupcake day. Also, very well done to everyone for making the lovely cupcakes - a real team effort, well done!

Next projects:
Disco (Jeannie)
Relatives Day (Aaron and Briarna)
Pet Day (Briarna and Samara)
Walking to school - Term 4 campaign (Zay)
Clean Up Day - Samara
Starship Stars (Zay)

Briarna on Afternoon Tea next week - thank you.

Talked about our ideas for the Fair Go Movie - a spray for parents and teachers!