Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meeting - 19 May 2010

Everyone present - no apologies.

Samara brought us afternoon tea - snack packs - thank you very much!

Jason-Mark - verbal warning as decided for behaviour last week.

Read minutes of last time's meeting.

Aaron will re-remind Mr. Graham about the boy's toilets.

Friday 28th - Star Day - Briarna to put something in tomorrow's newsletter.

Green Up/Clean Up Day - Date chosen.

Red Socks Day - Katelyn to put something in the newsletter tomorrow. Start getting the money and the orders to the office.

Fred Hollows Competition - Jeannie and Sam to read up and make up a competition.

Jeannie - STAR - Ms Dillon did email Belinda Harwood but never heard back re. the timeline. We will go and follow this up.

The Greatest Feet - Zayleah to check in with Ms D.

Afternoon Tea next week - Zayleah.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meeting - 5 May 2010

Aaron brought the afternoon tea (again, sorry) - he has had his turns for the year!

Zayleah spoke to Mrs. T about the Careers Day and Mrs. T wants to have a look over the information.

Katleyn was at the shop in her pyjamas and saw Mr. Graham getting an ice-cream.

Samara is on Afternoon Tea next meeting. There will be no meeting next week as Ms. D is not here and alternative days are difficult with netball, miniball, Kapa Haka, Chess club and ukulele club taking up lunchtimes.

Next meeting date will be the 19th May.

BBQ Sausage Sizzle proceeds for the next BBQ will go to Make A Wish - Also a Dress Up Day - Star Day -Movie star, singing star for make a wish - run by Briarna.
Friday 14 May.

Aaron has spoken to Mr. Graham about the boys toilets and Mr. Graham is going to speak to me!

Clean Up Day - Samara and Ms. D to look at the board and pick a date for the clean up - Term 2, 3 or 4.

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Day - 2 July
Katelyn to organise - intially by putting up the posters.
Katelyn is sure that her poppa will know Sir. Peter Blake as he does a lot of boating and fishing!

Jason-Mark to speak in assembly on Council news this week.