Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meeting - 18 August 2010

Zayleah brought afternoon tea - thank you.

Sam is on afternoon tea next week.

Caretaker's award still not in progress.

Zayleah has been selling the Daffodils, thank you.

McCain - red Vegie truck - Ms D-R has emailed and is waiting to hear back.
This Friday - Year 5 and 6 are away at Edgar on Friday so may miss out.

Peter Chin's visit - Jason-Mark, thank you.

Keep promoting the McCain vegie promotion.
Zayleah to keep on with the daffodil day selling.
Jeannie has sent cheque off to Fred Hollows with our $25 donation.

Samara - cupcake promotion - go around classes and promote in newsletter.

Relative Day - one Friday afternoon next term. Good beginning planning. BK to now plan some actual activities - in classes, on the field, dress up, etc.

Term Four - Zay to do the walking challenge amongst the classes.

Katelyn is selling hot chocolates one lunchtime. What day this term? How much $1. Jason-Mark and Zayleah to help. One Monday andTuesday in the foyer. Advertise in the newsletter.

Pet Day - still thinking about this idea.

Water Fountain letter to PTA - Aaron promises to do this!

$200 from Cadburys towards fundraising. Will be used toward water fountain. Samara will write to Cadburys once the water fountain is in and thank them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Council Meeting - 11 August 2010

No apologies.

Samara brought the afternoon tea - thank you. Zayleah to bring it next week.

Jeannie did very well with the Fred Hollows activity yesterday. Raised $25 and will be sent away.

Katelyn - her activity will be - hot chocolate selling one lunchtime.

Cupcakes - remind people to bring their money. $1 each or 6 for $4.50
Encourage parents to order some from the office.

Aaron still needs to co-ordinate the Caretaker Award.

Script going well - sharing the ideas with us at next week's meeting.

Zayleah - the daffodil box has arrived - to work out how to sell this.

McCains - look on the website again.

Disco this term - Katelyn and Jeannie you're on the prizes and the microphone. Briarna and Sam and Samara - on food and drinks. Theme is: Rainforest

Jason-Mark to finish letter to Peter Chin for Book Fair and give it to Ms D today!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Council Meeting - 5 August 2010

Apologies - Jeannie

Hopefully Jeannie will be back by Tuesday for the Fred Hollows activity.

Caretaker's Award - Aaron wants to ask Jeannie to write a poem. AR will need to co-ordinate this.

McCains promotion - advertise at each assembly.

Daffodil - check mail with Zayleah.

Samara and Ms. D to make a timetable up of 'baking' for the cupcake day.

Grandparent Day - Briarna and Aaron haven't worked together yet.

Jason-Mark to write to Mayor re. book week.

Katelyn needs to think of an activity to organise and let Ms. D know next week.

Script for our end of year item - BK with her muses are writing this.

Samara on kai next week.