Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meeting - 17 November 2010

Everyone present

Fun Day - Relatives Day next Friday
All Year 6s and Council Members to make their plan for their activity.
Briarna to write a note to invite family/friends - join us for a BBQ and stay on for the activities in the afternoon.
Ms. D to give Samara and Briarna time this afternoon to complete these.

Pet Day - Samara and Briarna must work on the schedule and the letters to pet shops asking for prizes.

Council Speech - JM needs to make some progress on this.

Jeannie to collect stars today for Starship Foundation - leave in Ms. D's office and then we will judge tomorrow and post away.
Mornington Messenger article - Ms. D will give Jeannie time this afternoon.

Sam - did Mrs. T want something from the McCain promotion? No, he said.

Clean Up Day - Samara must drive the fundraising - go around and remind everyone each day. Talk about it at assembly.
Briarna to talk about Pet Day at assembly also.

Briarna - we are on our 3rd plumber now - Briarna to phone again.

Zayleah - Walking to school week (Feet First) - notice in newsletter tomorrow and the following week.

Principal for a Day - Ms. D has had a think and will look at it in another couple of weeks when some of these other big events are completed.