Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meeting - 28 April 2010

JM brought Afternoon Tea - thank you!

Aaron is on Afternoon Tea next week.

Samara needs to find out a bit more info. about Clean Up programme.

Briarana - canteen going well, needs to do a shop soon.

Briarna and Jason- Mark to speak with the staff after school today.

Jeannie is up to date with the dates for her article writing.

Sam and Katelyn - poppy selling went well - thank you.

Career Idol Day - Friday May 14th - Zayleah is looking into this.

Briarna - Make A Wish Fundraiser - come back to us with an idea and date.

Balloon Day - Katelyn - 7 March

PTA - letter to them thanking them as they are giving us half the money for our drinking fountain! (Jeannie)

Toilets - no lock on boys toilets - need a vacant/engaged sign - people don't know who is in there. Aaron to discuss this with Mr. Graham.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meeting - 21 April 2010

Welcome back everyone!
Ms D forgot afternoon tea - will bring some kai for everyone tomorrow.

J-K is on afternoon tea for next week's meeting.

Feat Activity - Ms. D to enter - Zayleah to run the competition.

Canteen - big round of applause for BK - great start to the canteen!

$55 Donation to Blind Foundation - Julie coming to this week's assembly and accepts the cheque presented by Samara.

Level 3-4s are going to the Captain's Run this Friday - to see the Super 14 players for Otago.

Jeannie to see Ms. D for the Mornington Messenger dates.

Samara to report back on Green Up Clean Up Info.

Jeannie will run the Kidsline poster competition.

Sam and Katelyn - selling poppies the next 2 days (can also start today after school).

Teacher Dare Event - Jason Mark and Briarna are in charge. JM and BK will come to the staff meeting on Monday and ask the teachers.

Disco -last week of the term perhaps, will def. decide next week.