Saturday, May 5, 2012

Council Meeting May 2nd 2012

Meeting started: 12:50pm
Reyana, Declan, Lynley, Katelyn, Mya, Sarah, Xanthe (Abbie away)

Reading week - planned for week of May 14-18. Character Dress up day on Friday May 18.
Council to read a story each day - Xanthe and Reyana are making the timetable and poster outlining the weeks events. Catchy Title "Hooked into Reading"?
Competition for best book cover
Bring your favourite book to share
Gill is going to see about getting us an author in - may not be that week though.
Relatives Day - a relative comes in and shares their favourite book.
We will need banners / posters - Reyana / Xanthe.

Hitachi Heatpump - "Another Hitachi Day" Competition
School could win up to $10 000!
Brief is to film an 'outdoor activity inside" e.g.s on the sheet were: indoor fishing competition...Council decided to do a Beach Volley Ball skit
Two players each team, ref, surfer, someone watching on a deck chair.
Voting starts May 7th -so we are going to film this Sunday. Bring along the gear you need. Xanthe is going to bring the net and ball, Katelyn bringing deck chairs, Lynley bringing surf board. Mrs MB sparly material for waves.
Music? Good Vibrations - Beach Boys - change wording to advertise Hitachi?
Once filmed - goes up on You Tube and public can vote.

Mrs MB asked about follow up actions from last meeting...
Declan and Mya have sorted the jar / label for the Pie competition for the council (Healthy Pies!)
Lynley has not finished her survey on subway
Everyone had forgotten to bring their design for the Colgate Carton display - this is a design to let people know where to put their cartons...and also can go into the Colgate competition for most creative display to win the school a prize - sports gear. These must be brought along next week.

Idea from Mrs MB - perhaps we could ask every child to bring 10 colgate cartons each over the next 6 weeks - have a competition of who brings the most here at school to try and boost our numbers??

Meeting finished 1:15pm

Friday, April 27, 2012

Term 2 Update

We have had some technical difficulties accessing our blog over the last few weeks, but have been using the traditional pen and paper to keep track of our ideas and planning of events. 

We had a successful stall at the recent Bradford Bazaar where Xanthe helped us organise a 'Shave the Balloon' stall.  She had great organisational skills and showed she can really be relied on to follow her ideas through.  Xanthe tested her plan out and thought of all the 'pitfalls' and safety issues before 'real people' tried it at the Bazaar.
The council all pulled together and made a great team coming into school to help organise there stall the day before.

Reyana and Abbie organised a great Bradford Showcase at the end of last term for everyone the school.

Katelyn and Mya have written and sent a letter to try to access some school high vis walking vests.

Milkshake Mondays and Frothy Fridays have also been a success - thanks to those council members who have been helping out with these.

Council Meeting Thurs April 26  12:50pm

Present:  Katelyn, Lynley, Sarah, Declan, Reyana, Abbie, Xanthe & Mya

One of the ideas mentioned last term was to have a Book Character Dress Up Day.
We talked about the parent info night next week on reading and how this could be a good time to do the dress up day and have a week promoting reading.
A plan was drawn up together - we decided to run the reading week in week 3 so we can tell parents about it at the info night.
Some ideas were:  Book Cover competition, relatives book day, bring your favourite book day, invite and author, council want to read a book each day at lunch-time to others.

Lynley brought up the idea of Subway and asked why this had stopped - Mrs MB explained that subway had decided we didn't have enough orders each week for them to deliver to us.  Lynley had a great idea to do a survey to see if interest was high again - now that people hadn't had it for a while.
She will get back to us with her results.

We talked about the council idea of  a council pie eating competition.  Mya and Declan are going to organise a jar to put in the foyer with an explanation.  Once it's filled the council will have a race of who can eat a pie the fastest .... maybe a healthy pie they have made themselves?

Colgate cartons - we have registered and are encouraging people to bring them in to win sports equipment for our school.  Council is going to draw up a plan for a creative display to also enter into the competition.

 Council members will take over the minute taking /summaries of meetings for Term 2.

Meeting closed:  1:15pm
Council 2012!

Ideas for Bazaar
Council would like to run a  pie eating competition
Teacher Stall - sponsor a teacher to do something silly
e.g. eat raw brussel sprouts,
or - sit on a plank and fall in when you

Resene School Mural Competition - Run a school mural competition  - Xanthe Sarah to share this at Assembly.

Canteen - Lynley and Katelyn for Term 1

Showcase - Abbie / Reyana /

 High Viz vests for walkers  - Katelyn / Mya

Milkshakes:   Mya /Declan

Reporter:   Abbie 

Newsletter -Reyana

Welcome Council fo 2012!!!

Meeting: 29/2/2012
Present:   Reyana, Xanthe, Lynley, Declan, Sarah, Katelyn, Abbie & Mya & Mrs MB

This is our very first meeting - our new council is made up of Reyana, Xanthe, Lynley, Declan, Sarah, Katelyn, Abbie & Mya

For our first meeting we are discussing ideas on how we would like to run our meetings and special things for them.

Talking one at a time
Active listening
Letting others talk and not interrupting - it's not all just about you
Negotiate rather than argue
If you try to share an idea - don't barge in and say yours is the best (me too listening)
If your idea doesn't get voted for be positive - not all ideas can be used all the time
Remember our values - show respect, help each other (awhina), Aim high, (Kia Runga Rawa), Integrity

Following through on ideas

First idea:
Milkshake every meeting
Next week - Reyana and Abbie on milkshake

Charities that we would like to support
Children's hospital
Unicef (sponsor a child)

Ideas for this year we can
Pet Day - SPCA
Wheelbarrow  - everyone brings things they don't want  - 3 wheel barrow - Children buy the raffle and if you win you get one of the wheelbarrow.
Money goes to starting the council fund for the Term 2 disco
Flying Fox
Disco T2/3
Swings for the school (developing the playground)
Art Exhibition
Book Fair - Book Dress Up Day
Relatives Day
Council - photographers
Soup in the winter - from our garden
Fluffy Friday  -Abbie / Reyana
Pie eating contest - people sponsor you

Katelyn reporter on children's
Lynley -  Council notice

Meeting Closed: 1:12pm

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Council Meeting 16th November

Highlanders win a wish - We have decided to have a fun afternoon with Highlander's tops A water fight

Talent Quest - Regan Ryan and Liam to organize this for December

Mini Athletics - Abbey needs to make age groups for this

Meeting Closed 1.30pm

Monday, October 24, 2011

Council Meeting 25th October 2011

Car Boot Sale - Has to be later in the term and JBT to contact Mr G for growing plants

Spud in a bucket - Kids to supply own bucket but date not notified

Bake Day - One Friday afternoon kids can bring along baking and sell it.

A big Thanks to Abbey & Katelyn for our wonderful disco

End of year item:  Liam and 3 more people to organize this

Onions on Sausages : Ryan to ask about this

Look after an egg - Regan and Liam to look into a week for this and it could tie in with our values

Radio - Mrs MB and Andrew to call them

Garage Sale - Regan, Andrew, Jeannie and Liam to be at school at 8.15am on Saturday.

Closed 1.35pm

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Council Meeting 5th October 2011

Meeting out in the sun today on the deck.
Garage Sale - There will be a skip at school over the holidays - anything worth selling we can sell in a garage sale.  MMB to collect thing in the holidays- perhaps the first weekend back? 

Bake Day - Jeannie in charge of this, whoops - pamphlet fell through the cracks on the deck!  Will see if Mr Graham can find it for us!

Milkshakes - Raised $8 last week

Katelyn and Natasha went with Mrs MB to drop off all the donations to the SPCA raised by Pet Day.  katelyn was thanked in assembly on the day - and another big thanks for all the prizes she was able to organise.
Room 5 had suggestions of adding an obstacle course for pets next year.

Disco - council to stay to 3.30pm tomorrow to set up disco

The flag looks awesome and thanks to the PTA

Andrew to be reporter this week

Milkshakes - Jeannie next time then Regan

Closed 1.28pm