Monday, October 24, 2011

Council Meeting 25th October 2011

Car Boot Sale - Has to be later in the term and JBT to contact Mr G for growing plants

Spud in a bucket - Kids to supply own bucket but date not notified

Bake Day - One Friday afternoon kids can bring along baking and sell it.

A big Thanks to Abbey & Katelyn for our wonderful disco

End of year item:  Liam and 3 more people to organize this

Onions on Sausages : Ryan to ask about this

Look after an egg - Regan and Liam to look into a week for this and it could tie in with our values

Radio - Mrs MB and Andrew to call them

Garage Sale - Regan, Andrew, Jeannie and Liam to be at school at 8.15am on Saturday.

Closed 1.35pm

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