Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Council Meeting 5th October 2011

Meeting out in the sun today on the deck.
Garage Sale - There will be a skip at school over the holidays - anything worth selling we can sell in a garage sale.  MMB to collect thing in the holidays- perhaps the first weekend back? 

Bake Day - Jeannie in charge of this, whoops - pamphlet fell through the cracks on the deck!  Will see if Mr Graham can find it for us!

Milkshakes - Raised $8 last week

Katelyn and Natasha went with Mrs MB to drop off all the donations to the SPCA raised by Pet Day.  katelyn was thanked in assembly on the day - and another big thanks for all the prizes she was able to organise.
Room 5 had suggestions of adding an obstacle course for pets next year.

Disco - council to stay to 3.30pm tomorrow to set up disco

The flag looks awesome and thanks to the PTA

Andrew to be reporter this week

Milkshakes - Jeannie next time then Regan

Closed 1.28pm

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