Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome Council fo 2012!!!

Meeting: 29/2/2012
Present:   Reyana, Xanthe, Lynley, Declan, Sarah, Katelyn, Abbie & Mya & Mrs MB

This is our very first meeting - our new council is made up of Reyana, Xanthe, Lynley, Declan, Sarah, Katelyn, Abbie & Mya

For our first meeting we are discussing ideas on how we would like to run our meetings and special things for them.

Talking one at a time
Active listening
Letting others talk and not interrupting - it's not all just about you
Negotiate rather than argue
If you try to share an idea - don't barge in and say yours is the best (me too listening)
If your idea doesn't get voted for be positive - not all ideas can be used all the time
Remember our values - show respect, help each other (awhina), Aim high, (Kia Runga Rawa), Integrity

Following through on ideas

First idea:
Milkshake every meeting
Next week - Reyana and Abbie on milkshake

Charities that we would like to support
Children's hospital
Unicef (sponsor a child)

Ideas for this year we can
Pet Day - SPCA
Wheelbarrow  - everyone brings things they don't want  - 3 wheel barrow - Children buy the raffle and if you win you get one of the wheelbarrow.
Money goes to starting the council fund for the Term 2 disco
Flying Fox
Disco T2/3
Swings for the school (developing the playground)
Art Exhibition
Book Fair - Book Dress Up Day
Relatives Day
Council - photographers
Soup in the winter - from our garden
Fluffy Friday  -Abbie / Reyana
Pie eating contest - people sponsor you

Katelyn reporter on children's
Lynley -  Council notice

Meeting Closed: 1:12pm

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